Dog Holiday

The Hotel Der Schmittenhof is near from the Schmittenhöhe. So you can start directly from the Hotel in the mountains from Zell am See. A PARADISE for dog and his lordling.

Our Hotel-Dog "Enzo", a Labrador-Rhodesian Ridgeback crossbreed, will be glad to meet his companion.

Pros with dog:

* Dogfriendly rooms

In your room you will find everything for your dog - feeding bowl and dog basket ( to rent ). At the arrival day, every dot will get a small present. All dogs can stay also alone in the room.

* Dogwalk-service

We will offer a walk with your dog ( € 15,00 per dog and hour )

* Dog hairdresser

10 Minutes away with the car from the Hotel. For more information ask our staff at the rezeption.

* Dog clean station

Our Hotel offer an small dog clean station with brushes and towls for the clean dog.

* Veterinary station

3 different veterinary stations near from the hotel

Dog house rules:

* You can take your dog with you in the front area from the dining room. Requirement: Good education!

* Please take your dog in the hole hotel area on the lead. Also in the garden area and near from the petting zoo.

* Food, blankets, and dog baskets - please take it with you. If you have forgot something you can have food, blankets, dog baskets, lead,... ( extra charge )


Tel: +43 (0)6542 70 364
Fax: +43 (0)6542 70 364-23

Hotel in Zell am See

Der Schmittenhof
Schmittenstr. 109
A-5700 Zell am See



Willkommen im Stammgastbereich des Hotel Schmittenhof.


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